Beers of the Maine Coast

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The resurgence of interest in craft-brewed beers is not news. It seems as though every city in America has its own micro-brewery serving a variety of really good beers. This year Barry will be sharing a bit of passion for the many craft beers available here along the coast in the state of Maine. Maine is 4th in the nation for micro-breweries and home brew supply stores are opening all over the state.

During this four day cruise we will explore a complementary variety of Maine’s finest craft brews all brewed along the coast. Typically we might try everything from pilsners through stouts and everything in between each evening and may throw in a hard cider just for variety.

Of course there will be plenty of awesome sailing each day visiting some of Barry’s favorite off-the-beaten-path anchorages. And when the anchor goes down at the end of the day we’ll toast the day with a fine Maine craft brewed pale ale or German lager or Imperial stout or whatever goes best with dinner. Beer paring? Yes, we’ll learn about that too!

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