Enjoy the Comfortable Accommodations Aboard Schooner Mary Day on Your Maine Windjammer Vacation

Sailing vacation with Schooner Mary Day on the oceanIf you thought you’d have to sacrifice comfort to take a windjammer cruise, think again. Aboard the Schooner Mary Day, the first schooner built with passenger comfort and safety in mind, you’ll find spacious cabins, an inviting main salon, and an open, uncluttered deck. The captains and crew take great care in ensuring that your vacation on the Maine coast is comfortable and relaxing.

Cabin on the Mary DayCabins have skylights and windows that open, providing plenty of fresh sea air and sunlight — comfortable mattresses, crisp sheets, and cozy woolen blankets ensure a satisfying night’s sleep.  With 9 feet of headroom they feel cozy, not cramped. And, although space is at a premium, they each have a sink with fresh cold water for washing and a hot water radiator (tapped into the salon’s fireplace) to stave off an evening chill.

Comfortable saloon area with wood stoveThe schooner’s main salon, accessed easily via a wide staircase from the deck, is a favorite gathering spot for meals, games, music, and conversation. There’s often a fire in the fireplace and hot beverages to warm you from the inside out. There’s even a parlor organ for impromptu musical events. The galley is adjacent — feel free to pop in and see what’s cooking!



Galley where homestyle meals are prepared on our wood cook stoveSpeaking of the galley, the generously-portioned meals on the Schooner Mary Day are all made from scratch and cooked its antique wood cook stove. Good old-fashioned Down East fare including mouth-watering pies, cookies and brownies; tasty soups and chowders; and baked ham and turkey dinners satisfy the healthy appetites that the sun and sea air seem to cause.  If you’d like to try your hand at cooking on a wood cook stove, you’re welcome to stop in and lend a hand.

Spacious decks for relaxing on the Mary DayOn the spacious deck there’s plenty of room to relax in one of the many deck chairs, read a book or take a nap. With no inboard engine all you’ll hear is the wind in the sails, the gulls, and the sea — all you’ll feel is the sea breeze, the warmth of the sun and the gentle swell of the waves. At night, the deck is your destination for viewing spectacular sunsets or the moonlit sky, unobstructed and away from bright city lights.