Natural History: Peoples, Pups and Puffins

natural and cultural history of maine, puffins, the war of 1812

Mike Shannon (second from left) points out birds on a shore trip.

Cultural and Natural History of Maine

Grab your binoculars and join renowned Audubon naturalists Mike and Margi Shannon as we devote this week to exploring the natural and cultural history of the coast. In particular we will get off-shore to see pelagic birds such as puffins, auks, shearwaters and petrels. June is also a special time when seal pups are first seen with their mothers hauled out on sunny low-tide ledges. ┬áDuring shore side explorations we’ll see how the remote villages along the coast have been largely shaped by nature. This cruise will be a rich and rare chance to hear about the intertwined history of the wildlife and people that define the uniqueness of the Maine coast.


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wildlife in maine, seals, seal pups, puffins, maine nature tours

Our May and June cruises are a great time to see seal pups and sea ducks migrating north to breed. Puffins and auks in inshore to breed as well.

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