Perfect Summer Days on the Schooner Mary Day

A brief introduction to our July and August 3 and 4 day cruises

The best way to experience the Maine coast is “from the other side”. As soon as you step onto the Mary Day everything changes. Routine slips away as this legendary schooner leaves Camden Harbor and the sounds of sea and sails replace the sounds of traffic and cell phones.

July August Schooner Cruises Windjammer Maine

Life Moves at a Different Pace

Life moves at a different pace on board this historic windjammer. You can just lay back in a comfortable deck chair and read a book or doze in the sun. But there‚Äôs so much more to do on this cruise than just work on your tan, and there’s always something exciting to see along the magnificent Maine coast.

3 and 4 Day July and August Cruises

3 and 4 day cruises in July and August allow plenty of time to take it all in — time to learn how to raise and trim the sails; take unforgettable photos of eagles, seals and porpoise; read a book or two that you’ve been meaning to; and explore some of the many islands and quaint coastal villages.

This is the Perfect Cruise Length for:

  • A Quick Getaway – Check another item off your bucket list. Who doesn’t want to experience sailing on a true Schooner at least once in their life? But don’t say we didn’t warn you when you want to return again and again. July and August 3 and 4 day trips are easy to fit into almost any schedule.
  • Mixing Up Any Maine Vacation – If you’re already coming to Maine, why not mix it up a little with a truly unique, adventurous (and yet still relaxing) detour on the Schooner Mary Day. Give us a call and we’ll help you work out the logistics – it really is an easy getaway.
  • Extending Your Vacation – Many Schooner Mary Day passengers extend their Maine vacations to include this life-changing experience. If you’ve ever needed a vacation from your vacation, or a breath of fresh life, you’ll find the antidote on Schooner Mary Day.

Each Day is an Adventure

With no set itinerary, every day is an adventure with the wind and weather setting the course. One day you might be exploring an old fort or picturesque lighthouse, the next may find you hiking an island inhabited only by seals and osprey or swimming in a secluded harbor. And, one day will definitely find you enjoying a traditional all-you-can-eat lobster feast, cooked on a secluded beach over a fire, a favorite mainstay of the cruise.

Awe Inspiring Night Skies

The absence of city lights means that the night skies are always awe inspiring from the vantage point of Mary Day’s wide decks‚ experience the Perseids meteor showers throughout the summer, gaze in awe at a full moon or the millions of stars twinkling in the vast, open sky.

When the cruise eventually ends back at Camden Harbor, as it must, you’ll feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated‚ the schooner Mary Day will have cast her spell on you and you’ll want to return again and again.