What to Bring

A view of coastal Maine from the bow of the Schooner Mary Day.

What to Bring Aboard The Schooner Mary Day

We urge you to use soft luggage that is easily stowed for this sailing vacation on our windjammer. Pack comfortable clothes appropriate for Maine’s coast: slacks, shorts, rubber-soled shoes, a rain slicker. It may be hot when you leave home, but there will be times when you’ll be glad you brought a sweater and other layers of warm clothes. Bring a swimsuit, too, for sunning on deck or swimming when we’re anchored. If you play a musical instrument, please bring it. Bring your camera, of course, perhaps binoculars for seeing Maine lighthouses or bird watching, and a sketch book or journal for your creative inspirations.

How to Come on a Maine Sailing Vacation With Us

As we accommodate just 28 passengers each week on our windjammer – many of them repeat guests – please reserve your space early. A deposit is required; the balance is due at least six weeks before your cruise. If you must cancel, we will refund your deposit if you notify us at least six weeks before your sailing date, or if we can refill the space. All meals, from Monday breakfast through Saturday brunch, are included. There are no extras. Call our 800 number for complete reservation information and begin planning your sailing vacation on a Maine windjammer.

For everyone’s comfort, we have a few simple rules. Excessive drinking is strictly forbidden. We ask you to retire at a reasonable hour. Smoking is permitted only on deck. Radios may be played only with earphones. And we must set the minimum age at fifteen. Explore the different cruises available aboard the Schooner Mary Day and start planning your sailing vacation on a Maine windjammer.