Windjammer Cruises Schedule

Maine windjammer tallship schooner Mary Day

“Just another day at the office.” Photo by Shannon Gallagher

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2017 Schedule now available

Note: all cruises board the evening before the sailing date.

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2017 Schedule

Download a PDF of our 2017 schedule here.
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Schooner Mary Day 2017 Schedule

Cruise ## of DaysSailing Date'17 RateSpecial Events/Moon Phase
61646/2/2017$715Spring time on the bay!
61746/7/2017$715Full Moon
61836/12/2017$625No set itinerary
61936/15/2017$625No set itinerary
62046/21/2017$825Lighthouse Cruise/New Moon
62166/26/2017$1025Natural History & Photography
62267/3/2017$1075Great Schooner Race
62337/10/2017$715Full Moon
62437/13/2017$715No set itinerary
62567/17/2017$1200Tallship Sailing & Seamanship
62637/24/2017$725New Moon-great star watching
62737/27/2017$725Delta Aquarids Meteor Showers
62867/31/2017$1075No Smoking
62948/7/2017$850Beers of the Maine Coast/Full Moon
63038/12/2017$725Perseid Meteor Showers
63148/16/2017$850Family Cruise
63238/21/2017$725New Moon-great star watching
63338/25/2017$725No set itinerary
6344+8/29/2017$850Camden's Windjammer Festival
63549/6/2017$825Lighthouse Cruise/Full Moon
63669/11/2017$1050Wooden Boat Rendezvous
63749/18/2017$775New Moon-great star watching
63839/23/2017$675No set itinerary
63949/27/2017$775Fall Colors!!

Please call to verify rates and availability. Schedule and rates are subject to change.

*Smoking is not allowed anywhere on board during No Smoking cruises.
Smoking is only allowed on deck in designated areas during all other cruises.