Tallship Sailing and Seamanship

On this cruise, more than any other, guests are given the chance to pitch in and make the ship go.


WoodenBoat School invites you to join Jane Ahlfeld and Capt. Barry King for a week of experiential instruction aboard one of Penobscot Bay’s legendary tall ships, the schooner MARY DAY. Launched in 1962 and rebuilt during the winter of 1999/2000, the schooner is 90′ on deck, 125′ sparred length, displaces 96 tons, and carries 5,200 sq. ft. of canvas with more sails than any other schooner on the bay. She is a big, pure sailing vessel, designed and rigged along the lines of a traditional coasting schooner, but built with comfort and safety in mind.

During this ‘hands-on’ team-oriented course, students will have the opportunity to become integral members of the MARY DAY crew. Topics covered will include general seamanship, coastal navigation, and marlinespike seamanship. Students will be divided into teams to learn the skills that every sailor needs aboard any vessel. The Crew of MARY DAY will expertly guide you in trimming and handling sails, steering, plotting a course, stitching a ditty bag, and going aloft (optional) to stow the topsails. On Friday, students will take command and utilize the skills they have been learning throughout the week.

Like any windjammer cruise, we will get ashore each day to walk, stretch, and explore. There will be time at night to enjoy some traditional sailor’s songs and relax under the stars. Great food is the hallmark of any windjammer cruise to satisfy the hardiest appetites, including a Maine lobster picnic.

The rhythm of shipboard life provides a unique environment to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the Maine coastline. Most importantly, Barry and Jane bring humor, joy, and a relaxed atmosphere to the sailing experience. Join Barry, Jane, and the crew of the MARY DAY for a great week under sail discovering the workings of a traditional sailing ship.

This all-inclusive 6-day sailing adventure boards Sunday, July 17, 2017 in Camden. Cost $1175/person. Reservations can be made through the Mary Day office, 800-992-2218.

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