Wine Appreciation Cruise: Sept 19-22,2011

Just one of many wines from Cellardoor Winery

We are pleased to be offering our 2nd annual wine appreciation cruise with Ali Scheier, formerly a Tasting Room Specialist, from Cellardoor Door Winery in nearby Lincolnville. Fall foliage sailing will open our senses to the wonders of Penobscot Bay. Exploring aromas and wine pairing will be the topics that allow us to refine our appreciation of what wines work well for any occasion. In addition we will enjoy a very special treat of wine and chocolate pairing.  When we arrive at the dock on Thursday everyone is invited to lunch and a tour of the spectacular Cellardoor Vineyard. Join us for this very unique autumn exploration of the Maine coast, by land and by sea. (Add $25 per person for the tour and lunch at Cellardoor Winery after the cruise.)

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