Covid 19, the Coronavirus

With the summer of 2020 in the rearview mirror, we have all learned how to better live with the coronavirus. We all know that it will not be going away anytime soon. Masks, enhanced precautions, and physical distancing will most likely still be part of our sailing strategy next summer. Several new vaccine trials allow for cautious optimism. So, what does that mean for sailing into next season?

Our Plan

We have a schedule for next summer that looks much like our normal schedule. Life aboard will be much as it always has been with a few adjustments.

There may be times when masks are required. Our already enhanced disinfection practices will align with the most current Covid protocols. Prior testing may or may not be required depending on Maine CDC guidance, what state you are coming from, and your own exposure risks. Onboard symptom check-ins may be a thing.

We’ll incorporate a few structural safeguards include plexiglass guards between the galley and main saloon, more opportunities to eat on deck as weather allows, an increased number of hand sanitizing stations, and the increased regular use of disinfectants on more contact surfaces above decks as well as below. UV-C and ozone, when used correctly, are part of our disinfection arsenal.

The local laundromat uses the latest ozone technology to disinfect linens. With windows and skylights in every cabin, Mary Day already features lots of fresh air circulating below decks. We feel confident, based on our current understanding, that we can create a safe place to relax and leave the world behind.

We’re planning to set aside more single accommodations until we see what the situation looks like next summer. In addition to our regular single cabins off the main saloon, cabins 7, 8, 11 & 12 can be sold as single accommodations though you will be asked if you mind sharing in case the situation changes between now and then. Of course, those same cabins can be booked per usual for friends and couples. Any cabin can be booked as a guaranteed private accommodation if you wish to pay for the second berth.

Reservation Policy

Until further notice, we are re-instating our regular reservation/cancellation policy. $300 deposit to reserve your space, balance payments, or cancelations, must be made 6 weeks prior to sailing. Cancellations or reservation changes are subject to a $50/person administrative fee. Cancellations received after the balance due date will be refunded, ONLY if we can fill your cabin space. We strongly recommend trip cancellation insurance which most companies will only sell to you shortly after you reserve your cruise. Remember, all returning guests receive a 10% discount.

Simple but Important Requests

Importantly, we have a few simple requests. Let’s not talk about politics, religion, or professional sports teams. Put your cell phone in “schooner” mode, like airplane mode, except the scenery is a whole lot better. If you need, make calls while you are ashore each day. Use headphones when listening to music. Please consume alcohol in moderation only. Take this time as your, and other guests’, precious chance to unplug from the outside world.