Covid 19, the coronavirus

We hear you…                              
We hear you and along with our own “wee small voices”, we have finally concluded that we will cancel plans to sail Mary Day this summer season. The decision to sail, or not, has been incredibly challenging and downright gut-wrenching. We queried your thoughts and ideas. We researched every possible cleaning, disinfection, and sanitizing procedure on the internet. We think we have in place a robust plan to protect your health and the health of crew, parts of which we will use from here on out. But the newness and uncertainty of how the pandemic is unfolding have created a sense of caution for everyone. The sense of caution we heard in your responses stood out more than anything else from the surveys conducted.
Our first and foremost responsibility is to take care of you, our guests, our crew, and our community. And we have a dollars and cents fiscal responsibility to take care of the schooner for many years to come. We could have amended our reservation/cancellation policy to be stricter but that just seems inappropriate for the situation in which we all find ourselves. Given that most affordable trip cancellation insurance doesn’t cover COVID related concerns we all find ourselves in a bind. We know we are all in this together.
We are concerned as we watch states reopen and clearly see the increase in the percentage of positive test results. Maine has enjoyed relatively low infection numbers. While we do not always agree, we completely support our governor’s efforts. Our governor allowed us to be a very big part of creating the guidelines for overnight passenger vessels. We do not blame anyone for this situation. We can only take responsibility for our response which is centered around taking care of you, our family, our crew.
Thank you so much for your patience and flexibility throughout this challenging decision-making process. Jen will be in the office daily from 9-5 ready to answer your questions, provide refunds, or schedule rainchecks for the 2021 season. We are continuing to prepare the boat for our annual Coast Guard inspection. We also have some special projects we are still working on. We will be picking up odd jobs to get us through. Most importantly, we will be here next summer, ready to go sailing, ready to share this beautiful boat and Maine’s magnificent coastline. Keep your eyes peeled on social media. We have a few neat ideas for virtual cruising to share, so come join us on our upcoming adventures on the coast…’ll be here with us in spirit and hopefully next year. 
Hang in there everyone. Do well. Be good. Be patient. Persevere. Be kind. Above all else, be safe.
With love and gratitude to you all,
Jen and Barry