Lighthouse Cruises

Sail back in time to uncover the history and mystery of these national treasures with lighthouse expert and author Ted Panayatoff and his wife Jo. Twenty-two picturesque and storied lighthouses dot the islands and headlands throughout our Penobscot bay cruising area. Ted and Jo have been sharing their knowledge and love of lighthouses through their extensive collection and work at several lighthouse museums. Ted is the author of numerous articles and a complete history of the Rockland Breakwater Light.

Maine lighthouses: unique lighthouse tours under sail

  • 4-day lighthouse tours aboard a true sailing legend, the schooner Mary Day
  • Magnificent scenes of more than 20 Maine Lighthouses (views you just can’t get from shore!)
  • Experienced and entertaining tour guides with expert local knowledge of Maine Lighthouses and their history
  • Great food, great friends, sailing adventure, wildlife, islands
  • 2020 Lighthouse Tour dates: Sailing June 16, September 8th. (We see lighthouses on all our cruises. For a complete schedule, click here.)

Join us for a most unique lighthouse tour under sail aboard the Maine windjammer, Mary Day. Live the history of these magnificent coastal sentinels from the perspective of the mariners that used these lighthouses a hundred years ago. Local lighthouse experts Ted and Jo Panyatoff will be aboard to share their passion, knowledge and dedication to preserving these national treasures. This truly unique lighthouse tour gives you the opportunity to be a part of the sailing adventure or just relax as we share the wonders of the protected waters and islands of the Maine coast.

Of course, we see lighthouses on every cruise, but this is your chance to be guided by experts. And during these cruises, we make a special effort to get to as many lighthouses as possible.

Author Ted Panyatof, who has written about Maine lighthouses in the Camden area, joins us for these tours and shares his vast knowledge of the lighthouses.

As retired innkeepers Ted and Jo have been guiding lighthouse tours by land and sea to some of Maine’s finest examples of working and historic lighthouses for many years. Ted is the author of the recently published history of the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse and is well versed in the history of Maine’s lighthouses as well as in the amazing personal stories behind the lighthouses we will see. The Panyatoff’s collection of lighthouse history and memorabilia is impressive and has been featured in many national and international magazines. Ted will offer slide presentations covering the history of the lighthouses here in Maine and across the country.

We have seen as many as 9 lights in a single day and have 23 lighthouses in our area including one the Maine’s most complete light stations. We will show you lights that just can’t be seen from shore and it is always our goal to tour the inside of an actual working lighthouse. Mary Day is a pure sailing vessel so our itinerary is unpredictable and every lighthouse tour is a unique adventure aboard a fast and stable sailing legend.

The 21 lights we are likely to see in our normal cruising grounds each week: Curtis Island, Indian Island, Rockland Breakwater, Owls Head, Browns Head, Goose Rocks, Heron Neck, Saddleback Ledge, Deer Isle Thorofare (Mark Island), Robinson Pt (Isle Au Haut), Hockamock Head, Bear Island, Baker Island, Egg Rock, Bass Harbor Head, Blue Hill, Pumpkin Island, Dice Head, Eagle Island, Fort Point, Grindel Point

With a little extra effort and a fair breeze we can get out to see Mt Desert Rock or Matinicus Rock Lights.