Our Schooner

Sailing Vacations Aboard A Legendary Maine Windjammer

Windjammer cruises aboard the schooner Mary Day

  • One of Maine’s oldest windjammer firms – established in 1950.
  • A fast and able schooner, the first built with passengers’ comfort and safety in mind.
  • U.S. Coast Guard inspected and certificated.
  • Widely experienced captains are licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard and the State of Maine. Barry is also a Registered Maine Guide and a Wilderness EMT.
  • Cabins have opening skylights and windows, fresh water, crisp sheets, towels, warm Knox woolen blankets.
  • Maximum headroom, light and air in all cabins.
  • Fireplace & parlor organ in the main saloon.
  • Open, uncluttered decks for sunning & relaxing.

The first Maine windjammer built especially for passengers, the Schooner Mary Day was designed with your comfort in mind. The main saloon is large and welcoming and offers several cozy sitting areas. Just forward is the galley, where you’re always welcome to take a peek at what’s cooking. See a slide show of some of our mouth-watering food photos here.

Each of her cheerful cabins has ample headroom, easy access from the deck, and an opening skylight and window providing plenty of fresh air and sunshine. On deck, an uncluttered layout invites you to stretch out with a good book and good company. You can tour our boat online here.

With just 28 passengers on board, her 90-foot deck length and 23-foot beam mean there’s plenty of space for everyone. Underway, you will find the Mary Day sure and stable. Steadied by the wind in her sails, she doesn’t roll like a motor vessel so there is very little likelihood of seasickness.

Happily, the Mary Day was also designed with speed in mind. Recognized as an outstanding performer, she is a regular competitor in the annual Great Schooner Race. Her sleek hull allows her to clip along at ten knots or better. What’s more, her centerboard, easily hauled up in shallower waters, allows us to sneak into marvelous little anchorages that are off-limits to deep-draft keel boats.


Ready to go? Here’s how to plan your trip: