Reserve Your Windjammer Cruise

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Windjammer Cruise Reservations

There are two options for reserving your windjammer cruise. Reserve your cruise aboard Mary Day by calling the office to speak with Jen about which cruise and cabin will best fit your needs. 1-800-992-2218. OR if you already know what you want you can book your windjammer cruise online! Read the fine print.


Make your reservations by paying $300/person now and the remainder at least six weeks before your trip. Click on the deposit box when reserving online. Click here for the fine print.

Dates and Departures

The date of the cruise is the boarding date (the day before we set sail). Passengers spend the first night on board at the dock with dinner on their own in town.  We depart Camden the following morning after breakfast. From there only the wind and tide know where we are headed!

Season: July, August, & September

Rates: $675-$725 per person

A quick getaway to see a glimpse of sailing on a Maine windjammer!

Click here for a 3-day cruise calendar


Season: July, August, & September

Rates: $775-$850 per person

Themed 4 Day Cruises

  • Camden’s Windjammer Festival
  • Lighthouse Cruises

Click here for a 4-day cruise calendar


Season: July, August, & September

Rates: $1025-$1295 per person

Themed 6 Day Cruises

  • Natural History & Photography
  • Great Schooner Race
  • Wooden Boat Rendezvous
  • Tallship & Seamanship

Click here for a 6-day cruise calendar



Which type of cabin arrangement do you prefer? Spacious and Comfortable Windjammer Accommodations

    • Port & Starboard – single cabin (not for those shy of small spaces! occupancy for one)
    • Cabins 7, 8, 11, 12 – bunk bed (one single bed over the other bed, occupancy for two)
    • Cabins, 1, 2, 3, 4 – double bed (a 3/4 size double bed, occupancy for two)
    • Cabins 9 & 10 – head to head (two single beds joined at the pillows, occupancy for two)
    • Cabins 5 & 6 – triple cabin (one bunk bed with a single bed off to the side, occupancy for three)
  • Are you willing to share a cabin? You can reserve a single bed in a bunk bed cabin online but we recommend calling the office to best assure you share the right cabin with the right roommate.

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