Tallship Sailing & Seamanship

tallship sailing and seamanship
Tacking the foretopsail

Sailing a traditional tallship

Have you ever wanted to run away to sea? Come aboard a tallship to learn real hands-on sailing and seamanship. Wooden Boat School instructor, navigation guru, and sailing diva Jane Ahfeld and the crew of the schooner Mary Day are joining forces once again. Participants become crew as they learn tallship sailing and seamanship, coastal navigation, and marlinespike skills. The schooner Mary Day becomes your home and classroom afloat for a week filled with laughter, learning and getting away from it all. After many years of working together, Jane and Barry have created an infectious rapport that will make you smile and make every moment teachable.

Seamanship, at your fingertips

The Mary Day crew will expertly guide you in trimming and handling sails, steering the schooner, safe line handling, knots, and going aloft to stow the topsails. Capt Barry will have you sailing a 125′ schooner forwards and backward without an engine. Jane will have you working on the fundamentals of navigation including course plotting, speed/distance/time calculations, lines of position, and fixes. On Friday students will have the opportunity to “take the con” and utilize the sailing and seamanship skills they have been learning during the week. As usual, there will be plenty of time each day to relax, get ashore, explore, and practice small boat handling. And the food made from scratch on our wood-fired cookstove is second to none.

Or just come sailing for fun

There is space available for non-participants (at a reduced rate) as well. Someone has to hold down the rocking chair! Learn more about how to place your reservation.